Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Unschooling Peru

The mom of Raising Miro is now in Peru and has a new project: Project Unschooling Peru. For those of you who don't know about unschooling, here's Wikipedia to the rescue!

She's got a team of people who have put together a 4 week teen and family learning experience June 2-30th. It's $3750 dollars and doesn't include flights to and from Peru. I personally think it's a bit expensive, especially considering Peru is still a developing country where the minimum salary is about $200 a month and English teachers probably earn about $700 a month.

However, that being said, Machu Picchu has a three tier pricing system that seriously gouges foreigner and one defining trait of a developing country is the unfair pricing system, so to each their own. 

So what will you learn? From the website they have: adventure, magic, shamans, sacred ceremonies, healing, consciousness, excitement, love, friendship, laughter, inspiration, the Andes Mountains, the unknown, plant spirits, ancient temples, ancient technologies, ancient wisdom, sustainable agriculture, places of power, history, humanity, culture, community, yoga, Machu Picchu, being inspired, being alive, and learning naturally guided by you!

If this sounds like something that would interest you, be sure to visit their site and make your reservation today!

One tip to remember is that speaking Spanish will help you greatly. You'll be treated differently than if you speak English all the time, it'll help you assimilate to the culture, and you'll be able to communicate easier. If you're looking to learn Spanish, check out Fluenz Spanish, Rosetta Stone, and Synergy Spanish.

The Ultimate Peru List recommends:


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