Saturday, April 12, 2014

Peruvians Are Very Good at Floro

And I mean that as a compliment, kind of.

The word, "floro" sounds like flower (flor). The verb is "florear" and is kind of, but not really, like BSing. It's a little lie or exaggeration, or a bit of flattery with the end goal of trying to get something in return. For example, if someone compliments you on the fact that you're really good at English grammar. You're the best ever at grammar and you're good at catching mistakes. Then they'll ask you to proof-read their paper.

Floro is everywhere and remember what goes around comes around. Sometimes it can be annoying and Peruvians really beat around the bush even for the littlest thing. I prefer being more direct, but it's just me. Take it all in stride. Learn a bit from it. Remember if you scratch their back, they'll scratch yours. Help people out once in a while and you'll find out that other people help you.

One tip to remember is that speaking Spanish will help you greatly, especially if you'd like to learn how to florear. Floro just sounds better in Spanish. If you don't know Spanish, now's the time to get started. It'll help you assimilate to the culture, and you'll be able to communicate easier. If you're looking to learn Spanish, Fluenz Spanish, Rosetta Stone, and Synergy Spanish.

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