Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Credits and Reader Reviews

I'd like to thank Alan from Expat Peru, David from Living in Peru, and Suzanne and Rachel for giving me much needed advice.

Reader Reviews

"Thank you so much for your support and help." Rahul, November 2014.

"Found your email on the ultimate Peru list. I've visited this site many times, and is chock full of great info." Michael K, October 2014.

"I am in the last stages of getting my citizenship by marriageI have greatly appreciated your blog on the whole process. Thanks for all your efforts." Curtis, September 2014.

"I am so glad I got in touch with you. Thanks again for all your advice. I truly appreciate it." Tatiana, April 2014.

"I've just read through your post on Dave's ESL cafe, and I just want to say thank you very much! I'm off to Peru in September for a few months, and although I'm not going especially to teach there, since I've got a CELTA and some teaching experience I 'm planning to do a bit of teaching while I'm out there to earn a bit of extra money. Your guide will be absolutely invaluable to me!" Jennifer, April 2011.

"I've been reading your various posts on forums and looking at your Ultimate Peru List in the past month and your knowledge has been very helpful." Alissa T, February 2011.

"Franceco from the ThornTree forum told me to get in touch as you are the Peru Guru :) Could I please ask what you would recommend? Many thanks for help!" Ian & Cat, January 2011

"Thank you for sending your website. There is so much great information there. Please let me review it before I ask a lot of questions you have already answered, but stay tuned, as I'm sure I'll have a lot to ask. Look forward to talking to you soon and thanks again!" Blue P., January 2011.

"You do a lot of work and help many expats. I have been an expat for many years and know how important people like you are.

"As a senior college student preparing to earn her B.A. and move to Lima in June to teach, I wanted to thank you for all the brilliant advice and information you have put on the net. Your guides are extremely helpful. A million thank-yous. You are a Peru genius and have helped countless people, including me." Julia L., November 2010.

"I found your blog and it looks like one of the best and most comprehensive resources about Peru out there." Ferruccio Cinquemani, November 2010

"Thanks naturegirl, from all the posts I see you seem to really help people here... round of applause for naturegirl!" Hopeadder, September 2009.

"It has been a long time since I have visited your page, Sharon. I am blown away by how much work you have put into it. People.. if you haven`t seen Sharon`s page recently, check it out. Especially all you English teachers out there. You will find no better local resource. Well done!" Alan, December 2008, Expat Peru.

"This is more than work, as I told you once NG, this is a labor of love. Gosh, you really like doing it! clap clap clap ;)" mammalu, December 2008, Peruviana.

"Sharon, most of us including myself probably take your page for granted, regarding it as part of the forum. I too want to add my thanks. Your effort has helped me from the day I first started thinking about relocating to Peru up to the present. Tom" Chiclayo Gringo, December 2008.

"I also wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for all the marvelous work you've done to the expat community in Peru in bringing together so much valuable and indispensable information!" Ludwig, May 2008.

"I have not found a harder working, more dedicated person devoted to providing newcomers and veterans of Peru alike, the information they need to live here. While some people come and go, you have been here through thick and thin, putting others before yourself. You are both a treasure and a blessing to this magnificent country!" Jamie B., January 2008.

“Thanks lots for this guide. It's been really helpful in planning for moving to Peru next month." Danny boy, November 2007.

"This is a great resource. We are moving to Lima in March next year and I am sure much of this information is going to be useful for us. Thank you.” Suzanne, December 2006.

“Well done! It looks good, extremely informative.” Hannah, December 2006.

“Awww, naturegirl321, you are sure a legend. Thanks for all your hard work.” luna chica, December 2006.

“Wow. Thanks so much. That’s great. I’m moving over in January and am starting to panic. So that’s really useful.” firefly, December 2006.

“You’re a hit. Good work, you have certainly done a service for your fellow man.” David, December 2006.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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