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Reader Request: Proxy Marriage in Peru

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Updated 12 September 2015

I've had people ask me if they can do a proxy marriage in while living in Peru. To start with, a proxy marriage is when one person gives someone POA* to get married on their behalf. A double proxy marriage is when both people give other people POA* to get married on their behalf. Here's another article I wrote with more information about proxy marriages and common questions about them, such as whether they're legal.

The short answer is yes, you can do a proxy marriage while living in Peru. I know the US does them and does not require people to be US citizens. Here are some companies which perform proxy marriages in the US. One of you (unless one of you is active duty US military) will have to actually go to Montana and the other person can sign over power of attorney. You'll have to pay the company about $600-$800, which seems like a lot, but it's cheaper than an actual wedding. If you plan on using the American marriage certificate in Peru then you will have to register your foreign marriage in Peru. Here are steps telling you what to do. You can check with your home country to see if they allow them and what you would have to do.

Proxy marriages at Peruvian municipalities
Contact the nearest muncipality and ask if they allow proxy marriages. In addition to all the regular documents you need to get married, you would need to give someone POA*. You might need to hire a lawyer and get the correct POA* drafted up. It will be in Spanish so if you don't understand Spanish make sure you give the POA* to someone you trust. You could give the power to a friend in Peru or to a lawyer. You would then have to sign it at the Peruvian embassy or consulate nearest you and send it to Peru where it would be registered. Then you can do everything that is required in order to get married.

Non-proxy marriages in Peru
If you just want to get married in Peru and not live there, you might want to look at having a destination wedding in Peru.

If you want to get married in Peru and live there, then should look at the following articles:
* power of attorney


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