Friday, February 12, 2016

New Tourist Visa Regulations for Peru and Border Hopping

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Updated 5 April 2017

People love Peru so much that they don't want to leave! Unfortunately, some of them overstay their visa.

The Rumours
There were rumors that the $1 a day fine was going to increase to $5 a day. Here's info about the proposal.

"If passed, the new law will allow you up to 183 days in a 365 day period and the fine for overstaying is $5 a day. You can read all 18 pages of the law at El Peruano."

What Happened
The good news is that the law did NOT go into effect, but it did increase a bit. On Expatriates in Peru, Craig Ess asked about the fine on 16 September 2016.  It's $1.25 (yes, that's US dollars that they use since the sol historically isn't stable). Not only that, but there are no other penalties for overstaying, and you can pay, leave, and then come back 10 minutes later.

Visa changes happened in 2008. As a tourist, you are allowed up to 183 days at a time and then you can either border hop or pay the $1.25 a day fine once you leave. Some people have been known to bargain especially those who overstay their visa by years. Yes, years. I've known people to overstay by 1, 2 and even 7 years. While it's not ideal, it's still done.

If you're going to stay in Peru for years and year, make sure you see all the sites worth seeing!

NB: I'll be taking a break from blogging at The Ultimate Peru List in March. While I'm gone you can take a look at my other blogs. New posts will be published starting in April.



  1. I love the Peruvian freedom principle. 1 dollar per day is a reasonable and fair price to pay for overstaying. In other more fascistic and freedom hating parts of the world, people get arrested and deported for overstaying... in reality they are being punished for loving the country they have been staying in... which is absolutely absurd.

    I love Perú, and have done so since I came here over 15 years ago. Married with kids and a business ... this is the best place on the planet for me. Yes, I did overstay, simply because I could not imagine a life elsewhere. Next year I will apply for a DNI/Peruvian citizenship, and be happy ever after.

    Introducing fascist state rules, vhere people are punished for loving the country they live in, would not fit my world view of my wonderful freedom giving Perú.

  2. Oh wow, have a nice break and you also going to Peru?

    1. No. Not going anywhere. Just taking a quick break from blogging. Next post will come out in April.

  3. Hi, do you know if the new law has come to force yet? Is the price of 5$ certain? Because I am reading different stories on different websites.

    1. I've heard it's still $1 a day but ultimately it's up to the immigration officer at the border. Some people have even haggled.


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