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Student Visas for Peru

Updated 5 May 2017

 ***Be sure you ask at immigrations about your visa as rules and fees seem to change often. You now need an appointment in order to go to immigration. Make the "derecho de tramite" payment in order to schedule your appointment right away.***

You are allowed to spend a year in Peru as a student, but according to Peruvian laws, you are NOT allowed to earn money while on a student visa. Student visas are for those who have paid to study. All you need to do is study Spanish at a language institute accredited by the Ministry of Education, for example, ICPNA or a university. Info can be found at Migraciones. It's called "estudiante". Try looking at this article about studying Spanish.

You need
  • F007
  • Pay the fee for F007
  • The original and copy of your passport
  • Proof that you are enrolled at a language school studying Spanish
  • Proof that you have paid the tuition, and proof that you have enough money to live on (usually $2500 for a year).
Do This
  1. Make copies of everything so that they can stamp your copies. Leave the originals at the Mesa de Partes at Immigrations come back when they tell you to.
  2. While you're waiting, go to INTERPOL Steps can be found here.
  3. In theory, you no longer have to leave the country to pick up a residence visa. All the paperwork can now be done in Lima. However, some people have been asked to leave to get their visas. I'm not sure why. Peru seems to change their rules often. I think it's on a case by case basis.
  4. Pick up your visa, bring copies of your passport and 2 passport photos. Call ahead and ask how much the visa will be. They might want you to go to a bank first and deposit the fee for the visa. You'll also need a carne sized photo when you pick up the visa.
  5. Then, follow the steps to get your carne de extranjeria.



  1. is it ok to stay for 2 years on student resident visa and then get the peruan citizenship, or it should be 2 years of Work Visa????

  2. If you have a CE, that is residency for two years, you can apply. If you are NOT married to a Peruvian, you have to take a language, history and culture test. Info is here

    Be aware that you'll get a new last name. So you'll have both your father's and mother's (maiden) last names.

  3. but the question is are the people on student visa elegible for applying for Citizenship? I mean in case of having the CE on student status by a recognized institute.

  4. As far as I know, and I'm not a lawyer, anyone holding a CE for two years can apply for citizenship. If you're NOT married, I believe that you have to be PHYSICALLY PRESENT in Peru for two years.
    Your best bet would be to consulate immigrations and look here

  5. so you mean that if I register in the center and pay all the fees and get my CE so I can not go out of Peru and come back again for the reregistration for the second year? or maybe come back every 6 months.

  6. I want to thank you Sharon for your prompt answers this site is really helpfull to the people who want to move to Peru like me.
    I wanted also to ask how I can consulat the immigration regarding that, I speak spanish fluently, I just wamt the direction, of the website where I can ask.

  7. No, you can leave and come back, but you have to be in Peru for a total of 2 years with your CE. Keep in mind that with a CE, you have to pay the foreigner's tax between Jan and Mar. And renew it yearly.

    To consult immigration you'll have to go there
    www.digemin.gob.pe Look at the links I gave you above.

  8. hi Sharon. I applied for tourist visa to Peru from India which got rejected of some reasons. As i love a girl from Peru so i want to meet her so that we can marry too. So now i am thinking to come there on student visa or work visa. i don't know how can be it is possible? Sharon can you help with this please.

  9. Work visas are harder to get than student visas. To get a student visa you will have to enroll in a course and prove that you have enough money.

  10. Would you mind telling me exactly what costs are involved in the entire process of getting a student visa for 1 year? Thanks so much!

    1. Contact your nearest embassy / consulate as costs will vary.

  11. Hello
    I have one simple question .. On student visa after getting CE in peru , it is possible to visit an other Latin American countries...? On CE ... Without applying visitor visa.

    1. I actually answered your question already here, http://theultimateperulist.blogspot.kr/2008/11/2f-interpolforeign-resident-card.html?showComment=1447980856398#c7666313231719070094

      Your CE is good for Peru. That's it. Going to other countries will depend on your citizenship and the country you want to travel to. Please contact the embassy or consulate of the country you want to visit for more info.

  12. Hi Sharon

    I am wondering
    After I got enrolled to study spanish in Peru for 2 years, and i have the student visa
    Can I apply for the CE once I am in PERU?
    Is it true that I can apply for permanent residency after staying in Peru for 2 years with my CE and my student visa?

    1. If the place where you are studying gets you a visa then you should be able to apply for your CE once you get there.

      You should be able to apply for citizenship though check with immigrations as rules change often.

  13. Hello
    Can you tell me more about more institutions or academias for studying spanish?
    How many years do I have to study in Peru before I can apply for poermanent residency in there?

    1. You need to have residency for two years before you can apply. And I would go through a university rather than an institute.

  14. Hello Sharon:

    Thank you for all the useful info you are giving in this website of yours especially from this particular page.

    I have some questions though pertaining to the acquisition of student visa. I visited the migraciones.gob.pe and it is being mentioned there that there are 2 types of student visas, these are the following:



    I plan to apply at the Idiomas Catolica, an institute affiliated with Pontificia but they terminate each cycle about every month. Though the program may run 20 months for beginners (needing to take 20 cycles or classes), and in my case, I think it'll take me about only 8-12 months (for I have some beginner SPANISH classes already that I took). Classes take about 2 hours each day of everyday for each cycle that runs in a month.

    If this is the case, would I be able to get the STUDENT VISA RESIDENCIAS instead of the TEMPORALES type? Considering that the registration I would be able to show to them will reflect that I am enrolled or paid up for a class in a cycle that will only run for a month. Would a document showing the study plan (continuing the studies for 8-10 months, the syllabus of the SPANISH program) will convince the immigration officer to give me the RESIDENCIA type?

    But if I were given the TEMPORALES type, would I be able to still apply for a CARNET de extranjeria?

    After these studies, I will take some course that may run for a year or 2 in San Marcos (graduate studies).

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi John

      If you can prove that you intend to stay longer, then they should give you the resident one and get a carnet. You might have to show proof of payment of more than one cycle. My suggestion would be to contact immigration since it's ultimately up to them what you get.

      If you get the temporary one you will not get the carnet.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  15. Dear Sharon i am going to give birth in Peru in 4 weeks time . Will i get permanent residency because my new born is going to be a Peruvian citizen? Thank you so much

    1. You don't get perm residency right away. You need three years on a resident visa first. I would ask on Expatriates in Peru on FB or contact an immigration lawyer. I believe that you can get residency through an infant, but rules and requirements change all the time. Good luck and congrats!


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