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Visa/Permission to Sign Contracts in Peru

Updated 1 July 2017

***Be sure you ask at immigrations about your visa as rules and fees seem to change often.***

This visa is ONLY for those on a tourist or student visa.
Peru is a wonderful country with so many sites to see! Living here is quite the experience. If you've decided to sign a contract, you need to make sure that you can legally do so.

A permission to sign a contract visa is useful if you want to sign contracts, whether they be for work or to purchase things, such as vehicles or property. This visa is not a work visa! It just lets you legally sign contracts. You can find information at Migraciones. It's called "permiso para firmar contratos". Here's what you'll need.
  • Form F007.
  • Pay the fee for the form and do change your visa status at the Banco de la Nacion
  • Your passport
  • Your TAM / Andean Card (embarkment card). If lost it, you will have to replace it.
Make copies of everything so that they can stamp your copies. Leave the originals at the Mesa de Partes at Immigrations and come back when they tell you to. It usually takes a couple days. Here's a person's story on how easy it is to get the permission to sign a contract visa.



  1. Hi,
    dose that mean that I have always to enter to Peru on a tourist visa then change it in Peru to a work visa??

    thank you

  2. No, once you get a work visa you just renew it every year. You might also enter on a business visa and change it to a work visa. Check with your employer.

  3. Hello, if I understand correctly whoever has a staus of married to a Peruvian or any other permanent visa doesnn't need this further permit. Am I correct?
    Thank you and congrats for the blog.

  4. Correct, if you have a CE, you already have permission to sign contracts.

  5. Our private organization is interested in purchasing land in Iquitos. Do you recommend my wife, a former Peruvian citizen and eligible for a DNI, go through the process to procure one. Will that make purchasing land in Peru easier?

  6. Did your wife actually sign Peruvian papers to give up her citizenship? If she didn't, then she's still a citizen and doesn't need this visa. She should just get a DNI.

    If she's no longer a citizen, then she'll need this visa. But she should probably contact a lawyer just to make sure.

  7. can i ask.. how long does this visa allow you to stay in the country. seeing as a normal tourist visa is 90-180 ish days... ? does it extend this at all or just change ur status and nothing more??

  8. Nope, doesn't extend your visa at all, just allows you to legally sign a contract.

  9. Hi Sharon,

    with regard to the Andean Card (embarkment card which is required to get the permission, what do you mean by that, and what if I had one way ticket to LIMA, will it be ok????

  10. The Andean Card is the little white form that you fill out when you go through immigrations. They keep half and you keep the other half. It has info like your name, flight number, date of entry.
    About the one way ticket, Peru couldn't care, BUT it depends on the airlines. SOME airlines require you to have a return ticket or a way out of Peru, try reserving a bus ticket.

  11. Hi
    I received my permission to sign a Contract,but the problem now is that the date has expired.In my contract i signed before the expire date but due to my company i had to delay the aprobacion at the Ministerio.Now i have all the papers,will i have any trouble at IMMIGRATION submittin these docs.

  12. If you signed before the expiry date you should be fine.

  13. Hello, I'm looking to move to Lima in the next month or two. I wanted to know exactly what I would need to legally work in Peru. I don't have any kind of work/business visa, and I'm no currently in a situation to acquire one. Also, is there a way to acquire legal status to work in Peru without having to go to Peru to acquire it?
    Thanks. Pat.

  14. You could get an investment visa if you have 25K USD.

    Or get a permission to sign a contract visa and look for a job.

    But for both you'd have to physically be in Peru.

  15. Hi thanks for this site wish I had known about it several years ago.

    so now I have a problem

    What happens if one has purchased something without the permission of DIGEMIN how can I correct this or do I need to ? I did use a lawyer.

  16. Are you on a resident visa now? It should be ok. If not, check with your lawyer, they're responsible for having you sign a contract without a permission to sign a contract visa. Hope that helps

  17. I am going to buy apartment in Lima , Miraflores! I have pasport (I am from Finland) but do I need that contract Visa? I am only thinking to stay in that place one or two months of the year. Maybe rent the also.

    Please answer quickly, I am going next wee!


  18. In order to legally sign a contract, yes, you need the visa. If you're going to rent you will have to pay SUNAT 12% of the rent.

  19. Hi I went in January and made a deposit on a new house now being built but i did not get a permission contract or visa at that time, i was on Tourist visa? April 15th,2011 i have pay for the house and close the deal.. What should i do now and what permission i need? what the difference between form 007 & 004? I am not a resident just tourist..Thx

  20. Contact the notary you used. In theory, you need a permission to sign contract visas to buy or sell property. If you haven't signed the contract yet, just get the permission to sign a contract visa in order to close the deal.

    F007 is to get visas and F004 is to change your immigration status, for example: change from tourist to permission to sign a contract visa.

  21. Having used the permisso to sign contracts when i bought my house 3 years ago, it never was a CHANGE IN VISA i just had 2 months in which to use this to buy my house. my tourist visa expiration date remained the same. Now since i am getting married i was told marriage is not a contract so i do not need this permisso. My lawyer i specifically asked about the prenupt "contract" and he said it was not necessary either. When i apply for residency will any signings of that process be considered a contract? I have to sign a paper about a boat as a tourist is "not allowed" to be reponsible for a boat so my fiance will be made the reponsible party , but nobody is asking for this permisso especial stamp for that. it is not refered to as a visa at all i reiterate.

  22. Right, you can get married without it. SOME municipalities have asked for it. If yours doesn't, then you should be fine.

    Get a prenup. If you don't and you get divorced, by Peruvian law HALF of everything you own will go to your husband.

    Forget trust. It doesn't exist. Get a signed paper.

    About the boat, I don't really understand. I suggest contacting another lawyer.

  23. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for this amazing site you've put together. I have found lots of helpful infomration but I still have some questions. I'm trying to find a way to live and work in Peru. I know the easiest way is to get married. Other than that, do I understand right that I could get a permission to sign contracts on a tourist visa and then once I get a job I can apply for a work visa? I read in a previous post that you said that the employer has to sponsor the work visa and they normally pay for it. If they won't pay for it can I still apply for the work visa and pay for it myself as long as I have the job? Also, what would happen if my tourist visa expires and I still have the job and I don't have a work visa yet? Do you technically have to have a work visa? Can i just stay and pay the fine whenever I leave or border hop without having it affect my job? Thanks for your help

  24. Yep, that's right for the permission to sign contracts visa. As well as you paying for it if they won't.

    If your visa expires you can do one of two things. 1. border hop. 2. pay the $1 a day fine. And technically yes, you need a work visa. But I've known people who have worked illegally for years. You can pay the fine whenever. Some people end up paying a couple hundred dollars. Others hve negotiated when they have high fines.

  25. So to apply for the work visa, I basically just have to provide proof of employment and pay for it if they won't, correct? Do you know about how long the process takes to get the work visa after applying? Thanks.

  26. Yes. Should take a couple months max.


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