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Updated 10 December 2016

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  1. Hello Naturegirl321

    My name is Jaco Wong. I am from Hong kong. I have been reading your posts for foreigners to settle in Peru.
    It gave us lots of insights in preparing the paperwork and other things as well.
    Yesterday, I have been reading on your post "Alternative Ways To Get Residency in Peru Besides Marriage"
    I have been wanting to immigrate into Peru through studying Spanish, and you have suggested that ICPNA and BRITANICO.
    I have sent an email to BRITANICO, and it said it only offers courses in English for Peruvians.
    So I was wondering are there any other institutions or academy for foreigners to studying Spanish?
    Is ICPNA accredited by the Ministry of Education in Peru?
    Do I have to study Spanish for 2 years before I can apply for the permanent residency in Peru?
    How much do I need to live in Peru for a year in USD approximately?

    Thank you so much for reading through my email!!!!
    Jaco Wong

    1. Here's some info about where to study.

      Some Británicos have basic courses for Spanish. I would go to a university though.

      Two years is the requirement.

      How much money you need depends on how you live. Some people can live off of $500 and others need much more.


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