Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Peruvian Remedies

Updated 30 October 2017

Local remedies seem to abound in Peru. Many of them are made with food. Here are just a few. Peru Herbals and Peruvian recipes have some more.
  • Aloe vera juice: It's commonly drunk on the street where vendors use aloe vera plants. It's supposed to make your immune system stronger and make you healthier.
  • Ceviche: Cures hangovers and is an aphrodisiac. 
  • Chicken soup: Cures hangovers. 
  • Egg: Cures fright. If someone is scared you're supposed to break an egg under their bed and the evil spirits go into at while that person is sleeping. In the morning the egg will be fried. Don't use it with babies or young children since the are still delicate and can't handle the egg's powers.
  • Frog juice: If you can stomach have a frog killed in front of you and the juices squeezed out of you, frog juice is supposed to help with asthma, asthma, brochitis, impotence, and tiredness. It's also an aphrodisiac.You can see an advert for it on the right. 
  • Lemons: Small, green, and the size of a golf ball, most people would call them limes, but in Peru, they're lemons. They supposedly can find anything from a hangover to the common cold. 
  • Maca: It's supposed to make your immune system stronger and make you healthier.
  • Newspaper with or without kerosene: If someone is sick with a cough or fever you're supposed to put newspaper directly on their chest, under their clothes. If they're really sick then you should soak the newspaper in kerosene. Newspaper shouldn't be used on infants because it's too strong. You should use paper instead. My grandfather said that in Romania gypsies typically douse their heads in kerosene in order to kill lice.
  • Orange peel: Similar to newspaper, orange peel pulls out cough and fever. However, you're supposed to use orange peel before the person gets sick.
  • Pulling hair: If you have a headache, taking a couple strands of hair and pulling sharply can help relieve the pain. 
  • Quinoa: It's supposed to make your immune system stronger and make you healthier.



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