Monday, July 15, 2013

Reader Request: Alternative Ways to Get Residency in Peru Besides Marriage

Updated 30 April 2017

About once a month I get an email from someone asking me how in the world they can get residency in Peru. Usually it's due to the fact that a significant other in Peru, but they don't want to or aren't able to get married.

One tip to remember is that speaking Spanish will help you greatly. You'll be treated differently than if you speak English all the time, it'll help you assimilate to the culture, and you'll be able to communicate easier.

The good news is that after three years of residency you can apply for inmigrante status (permanent residency) or become a Peruvian citizen.

Here are some other alternatives to residency besides getting married.
  1. Get a work visa. If you can score an expat package, all the better.
  2. Start your own business. It'll get you a visa. You'll need $30,000 and there's a lot of paperwork involved.
  3. Get a student visa. You will be able to work part-time as well. married.
  4. Get a retirement visa. You'll have to prove a steady source of income, not from a job. (ex, government retirement scheme, private retirement scheme, etc.)
  5. Get a family visa. If you have children that were born in Peru, they can become Peruvian citizens. If your kids are Peruvian, you might be able to get a visa through them. Get a lawyer. I've heard it's possible, but don't know anyone who has done it.



  1. Is that a typo? I thought the Business visa needed an investment of $30,000 USD.

    1. Yep, my finger must have slipped. Thanks. I've updated the info.

  2. Hi, did you deliberately leave out professional visa? I have heard these are hard to come by. Do you have any information about this one?

    1. I'm not sure what visa you mean exactly. I've got work visa (number 1) and investor's visa (number 2).


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