Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pollution and Air Quality Index in Peru

Many people say that Lima is filthy and polluted. And while it's true there is a hazy that lingers in the air, it's not as bad as some cities. AQI (Air Quality Index) is used to describe how polluted a city is. is a great website with AQI info. Also it says it's for Asia, it actually has info for cities around the world. Here's the scoring system for AQI. Here are some recent stats from

Beijing: 61 Moderate
Hanoi: 203 Very unhealthy
New Delhi Punjabi Bagh: 152 Very unhealthy
Keelung: 53 Moderate
Tokyo Sinjuku: 38 Good

Melbourne Brighton: 21 Good
Sydney East Randwick: 22 Good

Amsterdam Hemkade: 10 Good
Bern Bollwerk: 8 Good
Birmingham: 38 GoodLondon Etham: 5 Good
Oslo Alnabru: 7 Good
Paris Center: 58 Moderate

Middle East
Kfar Masaryk, North, Israel: 24 Good

North America
Barrie, Ontario: 21 Good
Los Angeles Reseda: 57 Moderate
New York White Plains: 26 Good
Washington DC Division Street: 59 Moderate

South America
Lima San Borja: 44 Good
Mexico City Hospital General de Mexico: 37 Good
Puente Alto Chile: 80 Moderate
Sao Paulo Americana: 37 Good

So where is it very polluted? If you go to the map (unfortunately it only shows Asia), you can see that China has a lot of red flags as does Dehli in India. With rates over 151 and even as high as 356 (anything over 301 is hazardous), it looks like Peru really isn't that bad. If you do decide to head over to Peru, or are already there, you should try to learn Spanish. It'll help you assimilate to the culture, and you'll be able to communicate easier. Be happy that not all days are hazy in Peru like they are in Linfen, China.



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