Monday, May 12, 2014

TEFL in China vs TEFL in Peru

One of the most common questions I get asked about Peru (in addition to marriage, divorce, and visa info) is what it's like to teach English there. Many people know what it's like to teach English in China, so I thought I'd compare TEFLing (not international schools) in Peru and China.

Here is a basic summary of what it's like to TEFL in both countries. 

Salary About $1000-$1600 a month.
Jobs in the south and big cities pay more but may not include accommodation.
About $700-$1500 a month. Hourly pay is usually about $10 an hour. Institutes usually pay hourly.                            
Flights Included. You usually get half of your flight paid for after six months and the other half at the end of your contract. Usually not included.
Accommodation Usually included or a stipend is given. Usually not included.
Visa Legally you should get a Z (work) visa, though some places will have you work on an f (business) visa or an L (tourist visa). Most places will not get you a visa and will either hire people who already have visas or people on tourist visas.
Types of jobs Kindergarten, institute, and university jobs are the most common. Most jobs are at institutes. Universities do hire native English speakers, but few will go through the trouble to get work visas.
Contracts 12 months for kindergartens and institutes. 10 months for universities with some universities paying you during the two month vacation if you renew your contract with them. 12 month contracts are the norm, though if you're on a tourist visa you might not sign a contract at all.
Extra work The British Council often looks for IELTS examiners. You can also find private students. Many teachers work at a couple different places as well as teach private students.

If you're looking for more info about TEFLing, you can find a lot of articles about teaching in China and teaching in Peru at TEFL Tips. If you decide to go to Peru, you should start learning the language. Knowing Spanish will help you assimilate to the culture and you'll be able to communicate easier.



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