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Insurance for Peru

Updated 23 April 2014

It's always a good idea to have insurance. Lost luggage or stolen goods can be troublesome. Being forced to go to an ATM and take all your money is another problem you might run into.

Remember that speaking Spanish will help you greatly. You'll be treated differently than if you speak English all the time, it'll help you assimilate, and you'll be able to communicate easier. If you're looking to learn Spanish, check out Fluenz Spanish, Rosetta Stone, and Synergy Spanish.

If you buy your own insurance ask if they cover medically supervised emergency evacuations, emergency reunions, repatriation of remains, and lost or stolen goods. Lonely Planet recommends World Nomad. Another popular insurance company for is BUPA. Check out the links below for more companies.

Medical Insurance
If you're only going to be in Peru for a short time, you might consider the places below. However, if you're going to stay for a while, because sure to look at the medical section for local medical insurance providers.

The Ultimate Peru List recommends:


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