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Medical Care in Peru

Updated 18 April 2014

Medical care in Peru at private clinics is fine, you’ll have nothing to worry about if you need to go to the hospital. If you have kids, that often complicates things. Make sure to know the basics of taking care of your child. Clinics and hospitals are clean and have modern equipment. Often doctors have studied in foreign countries and have come back to Peru to work. 

You can always check and see if your doctor is qualified by going to the Colegio Medico del Peru. Then on the left go to "Servicios" and "Conoce su medico". Doctors must be registered with the CMP in order to legally practise medicine in Peru. The US embassy has a list of recommended doctors.

Wash food thoroughly before eating them. This includes foods with peeling, such as bananas. You can use a little bleach, vinegar or salt. Most grocery stores sell a special bleach for this purpose. If you're in a restaurant, avoid free salads or fruits unless you're certain they clean them well. Avoid street food. Carry toilet paper and a small container of liquid soap with you. Many places won't have these.

You are not required to have any vaccinations for Peru. Yellow Fever is recommended if you're going to visit the jungle. However, some countries require you to have vaccinations to enter their country if you are coming from Peru, for example, Australia requires you to show proof of the Yellow Fever vaccine even if you haven’t visited the jungle.

Medical Insurance
Many medicines, including birth control, are cheaply available over-the-counter. Medical insurance is around 200 soles a month.
Eye Doctors
There are lots of eye doctors around blocks 19 and 20 of Arequipa where Jose Pardo de Zela crosses Arequipa. I was able to get 6 months of disposable contacts (Acuvue), glasses with frames, and an eye exam for 100 dollars.

Anti-Conception Medicine
Condoms are readily available here, so please use them. Good brands are Durex and Piel. As far as pills go, Yasmin (About 45 soles) is an international brand. AIDS, HIV and STDs are big problems here. Abortions are illegal, however, you can get them illegally, though I wouldn’t recommend it for safety reasons. The morning after pill is available at some pharmacies.

Giving Birth
Giving birth here can be a nightmare. The C-section rate is super high, at some places it's as high as 90%. You need to do your research ahead of time if you'd like to avoid tons of interventions and a C-section.  Many hospitals don't provide basic things such as diapers, hats, clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. For more information, please see the articles, babies born in Peru as well as doulas, midwives, and birthing centers in Peru.

Clinics in Lima

Alternative Medicine



  1. HI Naturegirl! Thank you for making all of this information available! What can you tell me about dentists in peru?

  2. You're welcome. Dentists are really good in Peru. The dental equipment is the same as in the US, so is the quality. But the price is much lower. I had my whole mouth done, very good dentist, much cheaper that what you would paid in the US. At least that's what I was told. About $20 for white fillings.

  3. Wow! Thanks for replying! I need 3k worth of work...I'm going to wait until I am back down south to get it done! Thanks again for this website- it's been a real life saver for me!

  4. My son is a student visiting with a program in Chavin and is sick and needs medical care. Email me with advice. What medical clinics are nearby? Should he get help to get to Huararez?

  5. If he's with a programme, I highly suggest you contact that programme. They should help you.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    you mentioned about availability of baby items.....is it relatively easy to buy other things like cots/high chairs in Peru? Specifically we are going to Trujillo, Thanks.

    1. Hi Alison,

      Sorry but I don't have any experience with buying baby items in Peru. You might try asking on Expatriates in Peru about where to find new or used items. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=128685107970


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