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2014 Sample Prices for Peru

Updated 23 April 2014

Prices are much cheaper if you know where to shop. Although many people are told markets are dangerous, as long as you blend in, you’ll be fine. The book, Peru - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Culture & Customs makes for an interesting read if you're looking to find out the basics about life in Peru.

If you learn to be market-wise, you can save a lot of money and find the same quality goods that you can find in shops. You’ll find most of the prices in soles, however, more expensive goods are usually sold in dollars. You can also find cost of living info at this thread. Budgeting will help. Try looking at Lima on $500 a month.

Obviously prices vary a lot. In general, average prices were considered. For example, you can get a hair cut for 5 soles at a small shop. You can also end up paying over a 100 soles at a nice salon. Please take into consideration that prices can vary depending on where you go.

  • brand new table fan: S/.35
  • brand new rice cooker: S/.25
  • brand new microwave oven: $150
  • brand new mini-fridge: from $250
  • brand new DVD Player: from $200
  • brand new PC / Compaq: from $1200
  • used PC (in decent condition): from $500
  • brand new notebook computer: from $1500
  • brand new mobile phone: from S/.200
  • used mobile phone in decent condition: from S/.100
  • brand new 21" flat screen stereo TV: $450
  • brand new CD home stereo: $300
  • brand CD portable stereo: $20
  • brand new washing machine: $300

Food and Drink
  • small soft drink: S/.1 – 1.5
  • 2 liter bottle of Coke: S/.3.5
  • small can of coffee: S/.2.5
  • litre of 100% fruit juice: S/.3
  • litre of milk: S/.2-3
  • bottled water for a water cooler: S/.15 – 30
  • large bag of Lays potato chips: S/.3
  • Nestle ice-cream: S/.2.5
  • small yoghurt (150 grams): S/.1.5
  • can of tuna in oil (185 grams): S/.3
  • kilo of oranges: from S/.1
  • kilo bag of rice: S/.2.5
  • 100 gram pack of sandwich bologna: S/.2-4
  • 15 grade-A eggs: S/.5
  • loaf of French bread: S/.1 – 2
  • nice bottle of wine: S/.20-100
  • large bottle of beer: S/.3
  • bottle of Bailey’s: S/.45
Going out
  • burger on a bun with everything from a street stall: S/.3-5
  • ¼ chicken with fries and a salad: S/.3-8
  • lunch in street cafe: S/.6–10
  • lunch in a nicer restaurant: S/.15-30
  • lunch set at McDonald's: from S/.7
  • dinner in a quality restaurant: S/.35–75
  • large pizza at Pizza Hut: S/.35-45
  • pitcher of beer or sangria in a bar: S/.15–20
  • ticket to a disco: S/.5-20
  • ticket to a movie theater: S/.5–15 (Tuesdays have lower prices)
  • 3 (pirated) DVDs: S/.10
  • 1 month gym membership: S/.50-150
  • 1 hour in an internet cafe: S/.1–2
Hotels / Hostels
Prices vary according to location.
  • night in a 5 star hotel: from $80 (some are $300)
  • night in a 4 star hotel: from $50
  • night in a 3 star hotel: from $30
  • night in a budget hotel: from S/.15

Renting a House / Apartment
These estimates are based on housing in Lima. Provinces are usually a little cheaper than the capital. A lot depends on the market and where exactly the house is. Touristy areas will be expensive as well.

In general, low end places are Callao, Pueblo Libre, Magdalena, La Victoria, San Luis. and Surquillo. Mid end places are Lince, Barranco, Chorrillos, Surco, San Borja. High end places are La Molina, Miraflores, and San Isidro. In general, places in the far north (like Comas), south (like San Juan de Miraflores) and east (San Juan de Lurigancho) may not be the safest places to live.

Prices vary inside districts as well. Something in Surquillo, but on the border of Miraflores will cost more than something in the middle of Surquillo. These many districts in Lima and they can be seen in this map.

Some people are able to buy property without a mortgage, but if you need a mortgage, be prepared to pay interest between 8.6% to 11%. You'll have to have residency in Peru in order to get a mortgage from a Peruvian bank. If you want to get a mortgage or loan back home, do some research first. People have reported that banks often don't want to give mortgages or loans for overseas property. Right now property prices now are anywhere from $800 per square meter and up (really nice areas start at over $1000 per square meter ). The good news is that property is always a good investment and prices are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world.
  • apartment security deposit: 1-2 month's rent
  • electric bill (for a small apartment): S/.80-120
  • internet (ADSL): S/.120–200
  • cable: $10-35
  • unfurnished 1 bedroom
    • low: $100-200
    • mid : $200-300
    • high: $400-700
  • furnished 1 bedroom
    • low: $150-250
    • mid : $250-400
    • high: 500-1000
  • unfurnished 2 bedrooms
    • low: $200-300
    • mid : $300-400
    • high: $500-1500
  • furnished 2 bedrooms
    • low: $250-350
    • mid : $350-450
    • high: $500-2000
Shopping: Market prices - Shop prices
  • new pair of trousers: S/.40-60
  • new long-sleeved button-down shirt: S/.25-60
  • leather pair of shoes: S/.40-75
  • pair of earrings: S/.2-15
  • knit sweater: S/.20-120
  • watch: S/.50-200
  • pair of socks: S/.1-5
  • undergarments: S/. 5-35
  • winter coat: S/.75-375
  • tie: S/.15-35
  • haircut: S/.10-25
  • pack of five cigarettes: S/.1
  • El Comercio Newspaper: S/.3.5 in Lima and S/.5 in Provinces
  • 4-pack of Scott toilet paper: S/.2
  • roll-on deodorant (25ml): from S/.3
  • box of 10 sanitary napkins: from S/.3
  • bottle of shampoo (400ml): from S/.8
  • bottle of lotion (400ml): S/.10
  • bar of soap: S/.2-5
  • 4-pack of Gillette Mach 3 blades: S/.25
  • 10-pack of Tylenol tablets (500mg): S/.5
  • new pair of glasses with frames and eye-exam: from S/.200
  • doctor / dentist visit: S/.50-100
  • doctor / dentist visit with English speaking doctors $50-100
  • short mototaxi ride: S/.1-2
  • short taxi ride: from S/.5
  • single fare journey on city bus: S/.0.5–1.2
  • single bus ticket from Piura to Lima: S/.60-90
  • single air ticket from Piura to Lima: $90



  1. Regarding rental prices.
    I assume you are refering to rented long-term apartments.
    The short term furnished apartments (with everything included) in Miraflores I've found available online are quite a bit more expensive, from about 500-600 USD/month to 1300 and up per month, depending on quality, size and location within the neighbourhood.

  2. Yes, long term prices are like that. And you are right about the short term flats.

  3. The monthly rental prices in the housing section seems to be low. The actual prices seems to 2 or 3 times the price you have listed. I have been trying to find something for about 2 months.

  4. It depends where you look. Places in San Isidro can be 2000USD a month. BUt thanks for the suggestion. I've updated the info.

  5. Naturegirl ~ I want to thank you for all fo the ime and effort you have put into the UPL. I have found this information to be invaluable in planning my move to Peru.



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