Thursday, May 1, 2008

Transferring Your Visa to a New Passport in Peru

Updated 3 July 2012

 ***Be sure you ask at immigrations about your visa as rules and fees seem to change often.***

This information is for anyone (residents and non-residents) who gets a new passport. Requirements are different depending on whether you are a resident or not. However, you MUST transfer your visa from your old passport to your new one. Here's one person's experience with transferring visas.

Information can also be found in Spanish and English at the Migraciones site. (It's called "traslado de sello de ingreso a documento de viaje nuevo para extranjeros").
  • Form F002
  • Pay the fee at the Banco de la Nacion.
  • Copy of first page of old and new passport.
  • Copy of visa in old passport
  • Original passport
Make copies of everything so that they can stamp your copies. Leave the originals at the Mesa de Partes at Immigrations come back when they tell you to. It usually takes 2 working days.



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