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Coffee Shops and Night Life in Lima

Updated 19 April 2014

There are tons of coffee shops, pubs, bars, and discos to go to here in Lima. You can find some below and loads more in the Lima travel guide. Good maps are at Guia Calles, click on the "version nueva".

Coffee Shops
  • Cafe 21. General Borgoño 116, (On the corner of Pardo block 4) Thunderbird Hotels Pardo, Miraflores.
  • Cafe Cafe: They have three places. The first is on Malecon de la Reserva 610, Miraflores. The second is at Martir Olaya 250, Miraflores. The third is at CC Caminos del Inca, 4th floor, Surco.
  • Cafe de la Paz: Calle Lima 351, Miraflores
  • Cafe Haiti: Av. Diagonal 160, Miraflores
  • Cafe Restaurante Voltaire. Av. 2 De Mayo 220, Miraflores
  • Cafe Verde: Corner of Piura and Santa Cruz in Miraflores.
  • Cafe Z: Diagonal Ave 598, Miraflores
  • Gloria Jean's: Block 17 of Benavides in Miraflores.
  • La Maquina: Corner of Alcanfores and Diez Canseco in Miraflores.
  • Punctum. Av. Javier Prado Oeste 1970, Miraflores
  • Sama: Inside Casa Andina on La Paz in Miraflores.
  • Sweet Garden. Av. 28 de Julio 1301, Miraflores
  • Urban Cafe. Ovalo Guiterrez, Miraflores

Night Life
Many Peruvians like to go to bars, discos, and karaoke bars. A word of advice, a “club” is a strip club so here you don’t go to “clubs” or “go clubbing”, you go to discos. Also, people usually leave their drinks on the table when they go dancing. I’ve done and when I’ve been with friends and haven’t had problems. However, if you’re with people you don’t know, either finish your drink, take it with you, or order another one after you come back.

Sport clothes are worn by many people as many discos are outside and contrary to what you may think, it does get cold here especially at night. Remember, the sun goes down around 6pm, even in summer. And dancing is usually done in pairs and is a bit more innocent that what you may be used to. Salsa, meringue, bachata, and pop music are popular here. Discos will play both Spanish and English music. If you’re a women, men will ask you to dance and are usually very respectful.

If you’re in Lima, Friday starts on Thursday and people somehow manage to go out Thursday night and still go to work on Friday. Beer is most commonly drunk, the most popular being: Pilsen, Cusceña, Cristal and Brahma (a Brazilian beer). In addition, cities brew their own beer, so some people prefer Pilsen Callao and others Pilsen Trujillo. Other than beer, sangria, and pisco sour are popular drinks.

When beer is drunk among friends, only one glass is used, and the foam is dumped out after each person drinks. rum, whiskey, and other mixed drinks are available. Two famous national drinks are pisco sour and algorrobina. According to Peruvian beliefs if you eat a spoonful of sugar or honey before you go drinking, you won’t get drunk quickly. By law, you have to be 14 to enter a disco and 18 to drink, although this is rarely enforced. Look below to find some popular pubs and discos.

Bars and Pubs
  • Bar Ingles Los Eucaliptos at Av Miro Quesada San Isidro.
  • Bar Mochileros Pedro de Osma 135 Barranco.
  • The Corner Sports Bar and Grill, Av Larco 1207 Miraflores.
  • English Pub, Calle Atahualpa 174 (between blocks 1 and 2 of Pardo) Miraflores.
  • Fluid, Calle Berlin 333, Miraflores.
  • The Lion's Head Pub Av Grau 268, 2nd floor, Barranco.
  • Murphy's 1st block of Schell and the corner of Grimaldo del Solar in Miraflores.
  • The Old Pub San Ramon 295 Calle de las Pizzas.
  • Volunteers Bar Independencia 120 Miraflores.

  • Amnesia, Blvd. Sanchez Carrion 153 Bar
  • Bar Kitsch, Av Bolognesi 743 Barranco
  • Barza Extreme, Calle Grau 288 Miraflores
  • Bash Bar, Schell 176 Miraflores
  • Calle de las Pizzas has lots of discos.
  • Club Cohiba, Av Ejercito 681 Miraflores
  • La Noche, Av Bolognesi 301 Barranco
  • La Sede, Av. 28 de Julio Y Larco
  • La Taberna de Barranco, Av Grua 268 Barranco
  • Phukett, Jiron San Martin 537 Miraflores
  • Son de Cuba, Blvd. San Ramon 277 Miraflores
  • Satchmo Café, Bar Av La Paz 538 Miraflores
  • Tayta, Parque Kennedy. Next to Bembos
  • Voce, Av Petit Thouras, Lince



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