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English Church Services in Lima

Updated 30 March 2015

There are lots of churches of many denominations here in Lima. Most of them are in Spanish, however, the ones below are in English.

One tip to remember is that speaking Spanish will help you greatly. You'll be treated differently than if you speak English all the time, it'll help you assimilate, and you'll be able to attend services in Spanish as well. If you're looking to learn Spanish, check out Fluenz Spanish, Rosetta Stone, and Synergy Spanish. 

Calvary Chapel Lima
Av. Universitaria 721 just 3 blocks from Plaza San Miguel.
It is its own congregation with bible studies and fellowship times during the week, fun events and service on Sundays at 9:30am and 11:30am. They have an ESL website as well. For more information, please contact or Rachel at

Camino de Vida
Calle El Buen Retiro 100, Monterrico-Surco, near the American Embassy. Phone 312-6048.
It has several thousand people and is very contemporary. The worship and music is in Spanish but they have translation services for the 10am service every Sunday. Both senior pastors are from San Diego, and there's lots of expats there. It’s a great non-denominational Christian church.

Church of the Good Shepherd
Av. Santa Cruz 491, Miraflores. Phone: 422-3936.
Anglican-Episcopal services in English every Sunday: 7:30 a.m., 8:00am, 9:30 a.m., and 5:00 p.m. Children's Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. in English. There is a women's group that meets every two weeks and there is a group that meets for Bible study every Wednesday evening in the home of one of the church members.

Church of the Latter Day Saints
Av. Javier Prado Este 6420, La Molina, Lima 12. 1-612-7200

Jehovah Witness
AV. El Cortijo 329

La Ciudad
2nd floor Cineplanet, La Rambla Mall, San Borja (Across from the Museo de la Nacion)
Lead Pastor Josh Foliart:
This is a bilingual family of faith with a heart for city-wide transformation for Lima and beyond. They strive to be Christ Centered, Bible and Spirit led, servant and diversity minded, and mission focused. Service starts at 10:30 a.m. In addition, a Children's Ministry is provided and all weekly messages are given by Lead Pastor Josh Foliart with audio translation into Spanish.

Potential Church
Potential Church in Lima is a lively, contemporary Christian church in English and Spanish every Sunday morning that offers English Services. Potential Church Lima features a live band and contemporary worship music. Their services are at the Auditorio del Colegio Juana Alarco de Dammert, Av. Benavides 2315 in Miraflores meet at 10 a.m., 11:45 a.m. There is also an exciting children`s and teenage ministry in English. Potential Church has been featured on CNN, Telemundo, Panorama, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and El Commercio. For more information, email or visit our website at

Santa Maria Chapel
Ovalo GutiƩrrez, Miraflores
Catholic Mass in English every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Santa Maria Chapel is a bit hard to find, go in the side entrance, turn right and then turn right again. It is a small chapel located behind the big football shaped church.

Union Church of Lima
Av. Angamos Oeste 1155, Miraflores. Phone 441-1472,
Inter-denominational English language services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Office hours 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday school for adults and children at 9:30 a.m.; nursery provided. Bible Study is on Fridays from 10am to noon, email Delyth Yabar at .There is a women's fellowship every Wednesday morning followed by a bible study. They have a youth meeting every Friday with contempoary worship. They hold a monthly men's pancake breakfast.For more information call 4411472 (church office).

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  1. You didn't list Catholic Churches... are there any?

  2. Yep, Peru is more than 90% Catholic I believe. I just don't know any that have English services, sorry. If you find any, let me know.

    Oh, try checking with some of the above churches, they might know.

  3. Peru also has a few synagogues. One in Miraflores, one in Surco, one in Jesus Maria.

  4. Do you have their addresses?

  5. Union Church of Lima website is
    There is a women's fellowship every Wednesday morning followed by a bible study. We have a youth meeting every Friday with contempoary worship. We hold a monthly men's pancake breakfast.For more information on all our activities call 4411472 (church office)or visit the webpage.

  6. Calvary Chapel ESL's website is WWW.CCESL.ORG. Check us out!


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