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Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon in Peru

Updated 17 April 2015
Most of these meetings are held in English. Here's AA's official website and here's information about meetings in Lima. You can also find contact information on their site.

Here's a blog written by a recovering alcoholic. It's called Essentials of Recovery.

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Av Santa Cruz 491, Miraflores
Bob D.
Telephone: 4411947
Tuesday and Thursday 7.00pm to 8.00 pm
Here are directions

Carmelitas Catholic Church
7-8:30pm Every day. The meetings are not in the church itself but around the block believe it not in the Carmelitas Funeral Home facing Paseo de la Republica. Meeting's are in Spanish. The meeting is deep within the property but ask a security guard for directions and please respect ongoing funerals!

Fatima Catholic Church
7-8:30pm Monday to Friday. On Av. Armendariz (just past the KFC on the right. Walking distance from Larcomar Plaza & Marriott). Enter into the back courtyard facing the ocean. Meeting is in the 2nd floor classroom. Ask security guard if lost

Maria Reina Catholic Church
12-1:30pm. Monday to Friday. It's directly on the Ovalo Guitierrez. Meeting is behind the church in the school building, 2nd floor. You may have to wait for security to open the door, but there is a meeting there!

Pardo Cinco
12-1pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 537 Avenida Jose Pardo, Oficina 210. Near Parque Kennedy and Saga Fagabella. Here are directions.

Union Church
Av Angamos 1155, Miraflores, 4411472 or 4221665, Monday to Friday.

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  1. Any information on AA or Alanon in Arequipa?


  2. HI,
    Sorry, I don't know, but you could try contacting the ones in Lima, maybe they could help you out.

  3. Hi any info on closed Alanon in Peru Indiana??

  4. Thank you for your time....

  5. im looking for an AA contact in Lima....please respond to ""...thx!!!

  6. The house on Ricardo Palma was not hosting AA meetings when I checked it in July 2008, so check before you go.

  7. hi! does anyone know of Alanon in Piura?

  8. No, sorry, but I bet if you contacted the ones in Lima they might know.

  9. does anyone know of any AA meetings held in Trujillo or nearby. really in need of a meeting!

  10. I'm not sure, try checking with the places in Lima. They might know.

  11. I'll be in Peru July 2-19, 2010, and am looking for meetings. I contacted intergroup in Lima, but I may not hear from them before I leave. From what I've read this meeting list isn't current? Thanks!

  12. This info is current as of mid May, I suggest you contact John, . He should be able to help you out.

  13. Hola, thanks for your time putting this list together. Are the meetings you've listed here english or spanish speaking? I have tried to email the intergroup office, but no response. Maybe because i don't speak spanish?! Please let me know.

  14. They should all be in English. Maybe try calling another group?

  15. I will be in Miraflores in May and would like a recommendation on an English speaking meeting. Can anyone suggest a meeting and know their times?

  16. There are a couple in Miraflores. Look at the first three listings.

    1. Are the first three meetings still going on in Miraflores? Is the Fatima Catholic Church still meeting? Please advise.

  17. My friend & I will be in Peru for 3 weeksin May, We are members of Al-Anon is US and would like to attend meetings while in Peru. Will be in Lima, Puno and Cusco areas. Can you send in connection or list of meetings in those areas.

  18. Thank you so much for posting all of this. Here is an update as of today, June 21, 2012.

    This is an English speaking meeting

    GOOD SHEPHERD (GRUPO AA in English).
    Adress: Av. Santa Cruz 491 MIRAFLORES /
    Contact: Bob D Telephone:. 4411947 Tuesday and Thursday 7.00pm to 8.00 pm

    Carmelitas Catholic Church: The info on this is totally correct, however, it is not an English speaking meeting. This should not stop anyone from going, as the group is very welcoming and understanding, and many members do speak and uderstand English, but the meeting is in Spanish.

    Av Ricardo Palma 1020 Miraflores: This address no longer exists, I beleive. I searched for it for quite some time, but 1018 and 1022 are the only addresses. the building may have been torn down. This was somewhat confirmed by some Carmelitas members.

    In my experience? Go to Carmelitas and ask for info on other meetings. Very good people, as one can usually expect at an AA meeting.


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