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Pets in Peru

Updated 15 April 2014

Bringing your pet to Peru
A good website to check out is Pet Travel. They have lots of information about country and airline requirements. If you're trying to bring your pet into Peru, check out this blog about bringing pets here.

Taking your pet out of Peru
You should read up on pet health requirements before you travel. Your pet might have to be in quarantine for a bit, usually six months, and will cost around 1200 pounds. There are other alternatives though. For example, in the UK, to enter or re-enter the UK from a non-EU listed country without quarantine a pet must (in this order) be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and blood tested. It must also be issued with an EU pet passport or a third country official veterinary certificate and treated against ticks and tapeworms. (thanks to rodd for the info)

Here's info for the UK. There's also info from the Consulado Peru site as well if you're going to go to the US. A pet relocator might help you out. They do all the paperwork for you. Try Air Animal.

If you have a dog, you will have to register your dog with the municipality where you live. You will need the following: your ID (a passport, DNI, or CE), a photo of your dog, a background about your dog's health that you should get from the vet, record of lal shots, including rabies, to pay a fee usually around 20 soles, a contact telephone number and a description of your pet. Make sure you have all this ready, including the description of your pet in Spanish. The place where you register your dog isn't at the actual municipality, it's usually in another building. But if you go to the municipality, they should be able to help you out and tell you where to go.

Adopting a pet
Here are some places that you can adopt pets from.


Contact : Angie or Cecilia Degregori
Phone. 9855-5536 or Phone. 950-83008

Vida Digna
Enrique Palacios 480, Miraflores
Phone. 430-0981



  1. What about taking a pet out of Peru back to the states?

  2. I would check with your vet here and ask the embassy for specifics.

  3. How can I bring my dog back to USA from Peru ??? she has all the papers she needs but not sure about the Airlines or have to be truw and agency ???

  4. what is truw? Did you read above about taking pets out of Peru?

    After you read that, then check with the airlines and the USA.

  5. "truw" he meant "through."

  6. Right, "through an agency" makes a lot more sense.

  7. I know this is an older post but does anyone know anything about bringing exotic pets to Peru? I have a 4 year old Sulcata tortoise and I can't seem to find anything about regulations or if it's even allowed.

  8. It's allowed. Check with the airlines about the reqs.


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