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Moving and Storage in Peru

Updated 30 March 2014

Moving is hard enough, but when you have to move to a different country, things can really get stressful.

Useful links
Here are some companies that have experience with moving in Peru.
When you move from one place to another inside of Peru, you need a moving permit. Some people get these, others don't. The list of requirements to get the moving permit is long, so many people just don't get the moving permit. However, if stopped by police, you'll be in trouble. Info about this can be found in this post.

Finding storage here in Peru is usually more difficult than in other countries. If you can't leave things with friends or family, try contacting Ransa. They are a reputable storage company.

Shipping Crates / NVOs with Freight Forwarders
Shipping by boat might be an option if you have lots of things. Usually you will get a crate and can put your things inside. To give you an idea, most people can fit the contents of a small apartment in a crate. NVO is used when you have less things to ship. Freight Forwarders are the companies that do the shipping. Here are some recommended ones below. They can help you move things to or from Peru. Be sure to also check the Yellow Pages in your home country for freight forwarders, international shipping or shipping crates. (thanks to mammalu for the links). You can also compare rates by using Compare International Movers.



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