Friday, October 17, 2008

Hitting the Markets in Lima

Updated 1 July 2017

Markets are the best place to go shopping. Not only can you can find unique items but you'll also get good deals. In general the shops in the front charge more than those inside. A tip, if you're going to a market, make sure you go with old clothes, no jewelry, and hid your money well. Bargaining is a must, so be sure to ask for a discount and you can usually get a couple of soles knocked off. Every little bit helps, a sol here and a sol there add up. Look for more saving tips in Lima on $500 a month.

Polvos Rosados is usually where tourists go, but if you cross the streets to Polvos de Higuereta, you'll find better quality, cheaper prices, and a cleaner atmosphere. Next to Polvos Rosados is CC de los Altos, which is right on Ovalo Higuereta in Miraflores. There are lots of little kiosks that sell clothes and shoes. You'll also find loads of hair salons inside.

El Hueco on Abancay and El Mercado Central are huge markets located in the center of Lima You can find good bargains both inside the shops and on the sidewalks outside of the shops.

Perhaps the most famous market in Lima with people coming from Chile and Ecuador is Gamarra. It's a sprawling market with blocks and blocks of shops. Although in the past is was a bit dangerous, it's been completely cleaned up and is probably the best place in Lima to find a bargain.

If you're looking for furniture, a good place is Plaza Hogar in Av. Angamos in Surquillo. We just bought a dresser and closet there for about $200. Things are often made by hand (even sanded by hand), and you can choose from different woods and varnishes. So if you're in Lima, take a day and go to the market, it's an unforgettable experience and you'll be sure to find what you need. For more info on where to shop, check out these guide books on Peru.



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