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Forums and Facebook Groups about Peru

Updated 1 June 2017

A large number of expats live in Lima. Nowadays, you can easily talk to expats all over Peru online. Simply put, Expat Peru and Living in Peru are where English speaking expats go. I've been in Peru for almost four years and didn't find these sites until almost a year ago. I have to confess that now I'm addicted and a bit upset that I didn't find them earlier. The discussion forums are a favorite of mine. Maybe it's because there are a few of us regulars and since most of us are in Lima, we see each other both on and offline. Although both sites are great, they are famous for different things.

Expat Peru
Expat Peru has an active discussion forum, visa info and free advice from a lawyer. Everyone on the boards is helpful, especially when giving advice about Immigration issues, which can be a headache due to the endless paperwork, long lines and constant changes.

I recently posted a question regarding the foreigner's tax and had a couple of replies within the hour. They have a couple of forums, such as jobs and travel. I wanted to find day trips from Lima as it's always nice to be able to get away from a while and they suggested a couple of natural parks, the beach, and a thermal bath. They also have visa info in English.

Living in Peru
Living in Peru has a news section that's updated daily. You can get the latest news from sport to politics to entertainment and leave your comments about it as well. Besides the news section, they have a useful Business Directory. I was looking for a church to go to and found a couple of listings. It's much easier to navigate than the Yellow Pages and you can read ratings from other users.

On Facebook
Two great groups are Expatriates in Peru and Living in Lima – Expat Support. Both have a large community of people who have already relocated to Peru. If you are an entrepreneur, you can also consider joining Expat Entrepreneurs in Lima.



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