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Cultural Centers in Peru

Updated 1 May 2017

If you're going to be in Peru you should really learn about Peruvian culture. There are a couple of cultural centres in Peru where you can study Spanish, another language, see plays, enjoy a night of music, go to art shows, or even discussions on a variety of topics.

The best way to find out about these events is to either call the cultural centre or go to their websites. Many send out free calendars of events via email or post. And all of them post their monthly events and information on their websites.

Some of the larger cultural centres, such as Britanico, ICPNA, and Alizanza Francesa charge admission for some of their events, such as classical concerts or plays. But many of the smaller centres offer free events or charge a small fee.

Peruvian cultural centres
There are a number of Peruvian cultural centers, the most famous are:

English speaking cultural centres
  • ICPNA 
  • Britanico (go to centro cultural and click on agenda cultural).

Other cultural centres



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