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Teaching Tips for Peru

Updated 1 July 2013

You can find out more about the TEFL market in different cities across Peru by reading, Breaking into the TEFL Market in Peru. If you're new to teaching or TEFLing, you can find good tips at Learning about TEFLing and Teaching. Be sure to look at Know Before You Go as well so you know what to expect before you arrive in Peru. Even if you can’t arrange a job before you arrive, you should be able to secure one within a few weeks.

Money Matters
Money's always an issue. Learning how to budget is the first step to having enough money. Next you should look at getting a good paying job.         You can find ways to supplement your salary in Supplement Your Teaching Salary. But if you don't find a job with your dream salary, don't despair, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money.  Just take a look at Money Matters for a complete list.          Below you can find some ideas for teachers to earn extra money.
  • Look at this article about supplementing your teaching salary
  • Teach online. For a list of good schools to teach at see Teaching Online
  • Teach night classes at a university or institute (About $5-$10 an hour)
  • Teach private classes (About $15-$25 an hour). Here's info on Getting Private Students.
  • Sub at primary or secondary schools.
  • Give teacher training sessions. Check with local publishers.

Learning How to Teach
There are plenty of one month training courses out there, though not every institute will require one. Look at Is a TEFL Cert Necessary? for more info. Make sure the course has at least 100 teaching hours and 6 hours of teaching students. Your library is a good place to start researching about TEFLing. In addition, you can find plenty of resources online. Take a look at my list of Top Resources as well as the links below.



  1. Informally speaking, my experience at ICPNA in Cusco was that there is always a need for teachers. So if you're motivated, just walk into the office and make contact with them!

  2. Thanks for letting us know. Is it necessary to have a work permit beforehand?


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