Saturday, January 3, 2015

Poll Results 2014: How much is your monthly salary?

The 2014 poll was "How much is your monthly salary?" Here are the results.
  • less than $500: 14% with 17 votes
  • $501-$1000: 9% with 11 votes
  • $1001-$2000: 20% with 24 votes
  • $2001-$3000: 13% with 16 votes
  • $3001-$4000: 10% with 12 votes
  • $4001-$5000: 9% with 11 votes
  • more than $5001: 21% with 25 votes
I wonder if they people who voted actually live in Peru. Peru is a developing country and most people there certainly aren't earning more than $5000 a month. Teachers in Peru make less than those in China. You can read the comparison here. I'd say most people living in Peru make about $1000-$2000. People on expat packages would make more, but they're in the minority.



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